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Bikes are meant to be used.

That is our core philosophy here at The Pro’s Closet. It means we offer you the best prices on the bikes you want. It means that you’re out there enjoying those bikes. And it means that when you’re ready to ride something different, we’re here for you.

Why own the same bike for years and years when you can easily unlock its value and ride something different?

Cyclists climbing a road at sunrise

This radical approach to bike ownership started in 2006. Our founder, Nick Martin, was an aspiring professional mountain bike racer living on a shoestring budget. That summer, he bought three vintage Volkswagen buses and started parting them out to sell for cash on eBay. Then, he started selling unwanted bike gear. This elegant minimalism appealed to him, and soon he had sold most of his possessions.

Before long, Nick was driving a trailer around the country helping his fellow pro mountain bikers sell their old gear on eBay. That’s why our company was named The Pro’s Closet (TPC).

Our ethos hasn’t changed in the 10+ years since Nick got his start. We still believe that ownership is only temporary. You don’t need to be tied down to the same bike season after season.

However, nearly everything else about TPC has evolved and changed to get us to where we are today.

Now, we offer a customer-friendly shopping experience on our own website, free from the constraints of eBay. We offer the biggest selection of bikes in the world with practically every brand and thousands of different models. Each bike we sell is inspected and serviced by professional technicians to ensure they are ready to ride, right out of the box.

Every bike we sell is also Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) — we are the only company in the bike industry to offer that assurance. That comes with a lot of benefits, but above all, it supports our radical approach to bike ownership with an 18-month Guaranteed Buyback Offer. When you’re ready to ride something new, we will offer to buy back the bike we sold you, subject to the terms and conditions of our CPO Buyback Program available here, unlocking its value and enabling you to easily switch to whatever is next.

Most cyclists don’t get a different bike year after year. That used to be a luxury reserved for the super-rich or sponsored pro riders.

Not anymore.

We’re changing the way the world buys and sells bikes, and we know you’re going to love it.

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