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No matter how you ride, no matter what you want to ride, there’s an e-bike that covers the same ground.

Electric bicycles are like regular bikes, only boosted, which is why we have e-bikes for sale. Road, mountain, gravel, commuter, they’ve all got electric versions. Because we ride, and love all bikes, The Pro’s Closet has e-bikes for sale. 


The best e-bike is the one that does what you want in the way you want. Luckily, that should be easy to find these days. Originally, just an offshoot of bicycles brought to you by boutique companies, then dramatically expanded by the delivery crowd, just about everyone is in the e-bike game these days. Spanish manufacturer Orbea has six e-bike models, with the Gain their road vision. Giant has four varieties of e-bike, which seems small compared to what Specialized is doing with e-bikes—they’re even tweaking their full-suspension designs to fully embrace electric with the mixed-wheel Levo.


Trek e-bikes cover a pretty wide range of riding needs. They have road bikes, mountain bikes with that are for cross-country, trail, and enduro. And, thanks to their Electra brand, urban/commuter/style bikes. They’re so deep into electric that they’ve built their bikes with three different motors. They know electric. 


Serial 1 is an e-bike brand from Harley-Davidson. The name is taken from Harley’s first motorcycle and they see this e-bike as equally revolutionary. The Serial 1 style is certainly descended from their gas-powered cousins. At the same time, as these could well be car replacements, they are built with utilitarian flare. Serial 1 makes bikes to change the way we commute.

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