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Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes was born from visionaries, innovation, and a desire to make high-quality bikes in the US. They started with touring frames in 1976, made in a big red barn in Wisconsin. Today, that vision and innovation continue, and Trek Bikes is one of the world's leading bike manufacturers. 


Trek makes everything from Tour De France winning road bikes, full-suspension mountain bikes, e-commuters, and just about everything imaginable in-between. Although they’ve outgrown their barn, their mission stays the same, a commitment to creating the world’s best bicycles for every type of rider. 


Trek Mountain Bikes


Trek mountain bikes are ride-ready dream machines with top-of-the-line components, technology, and impeccable ride quality. From full suspension carbon that crushes technical terrain to aluminum hardtails that hustle through singletrack. Trek constantly puts thought, quality, and love into every mountain bike they make so you can put the same into your ride. 


Trek Supercaliber


The Trek Supercaliber is a hero that wins XC races and saves the day with a light, fast, and efficient ride. With 60mm of rear travel and 100mm upfront, the Supercaliber offers hardtail handling and efficiency with full suspension traction and superb control that crushes XC terrain. 


Trek Slash


The Trek Slash is the trail rider's holy grail that conquers any gnarly line you throw at it all while staying reactive and nimble. Offered in aluminum and carbon, this award-winning long-travel 29er is ready for fast and steep downhill at the park and charging uphill on enduro laps. Stability, control, and supreme playfulness make the Slash king of the trail.


Trek Road Bikes


Trek road bikes combine race-ready design, components, and construction into every model they make. Whether you’re prepared to break away and take the lead on your next race on a Madone or heading out for an after-work ride in the hills on your Domane, you’ll feel the superior difference and performance in a Trek road bike.


Trek Madone


The Trek Madone feeds the need for ultimate aerodynamic speed. Race-ready, it’s one of the fastest bikes on the market. The Madone offers precision, power, and exceptional ride quality. Adjustable ISOSpeed provides comfort and compliance for the long race ahead. Get ready for flawless aerodynamics and lightning-fast speeds on the Madone.


Trek Domane


The Trek Domane brings endurance and comfort front and center. The more relaxed geometry and ISOSpeed decoupler system mean more compliance and comfort on long race days or weekend road rides. The Domane defines a versatile, smooth, and go-anywhere road bike that handles anything from smooth pavement to hard-packed gravel like a champ. 


Trek Electric Bikes


Trek electric bikes put the boost back into riding. In fact, they're so much fun you’ll probably find yourself driving less and riding more. From e-commuter bikes that make commuting to work a joy again to e-mountain bikes that explore and charge hard no matter the terrain. With premium components like long-lasting batteries and top-of-the-line motors, combined with fantastic ride quality and control, you’ll find the right Trek e-bike for your riding style.


Trek Rail


The Trek Rail is an incredibly capable long-travel e-bike with a ripping attitude. It's equipped with a long-running Bosch motor that assists up to 20mph and hauls up steep climbs, 150mm rear travel, and 29er wheels for plush stability. This bike keeps you riding hard and exploring all day. 


Trek E-Caliber


The Trek E-Caliber is a lightweight and super nimble short-travel XC-inspired bike that can go further than most other e-mountain bikes on the market. With a 60mm integrated shock and a Fazua drive system for a little extra amp, it’s a pleasure to ride and goes the distance on your singletrack adventures. 


Trek Gravel Bikes


Trek gravel bikes are ready to race, explore, commute, or go on a bike packing adventure. The Checkpoint and Domane rule Trek’s gravel line. The Checkpoint is undeniably versatile and offers three models. The SLR is their carbon race-ready option that takes on gnarly terrain. The SL is designed for multi-day adventures, with plenty of mounting points and progressive geometry. The ALR is the perfect blend of a gravel and commuter-ready bike. The Domane tackles road riding like the pro it is and still handles hardpack gravel and cobblestones, so when the terrain changes during your race or Sunday ride, you’ll be ready. 



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