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The Shimano story began 100 years ago in Sakai, Osaka, Japan, with a small workshop and a single lathe. Over the decades, Shimano grew steadily and developed a reputation for rigorous quality. Now led by the founder’s grandson, Yozo Shimano, it’s the biggest component manufacturer in the world. It sells more than $2 billion of product per year, pursuing its mission to promote health and happiness with the best outdoor products. 

Shimano’s first product was a freewheel, but it was the unprecedented warranty that launched the company. If a Shimano freewheel failed, the company would replace it with two (!) — this confidence in reliability reinforced the company’s reputation as a stalwart, durable part manufacturer. 

The company grew steadily over the next 50 years, and in the 1970s the company solidified its expansion into the international market. The opening of an American office and expansion of its team sponsorships marked the beginning of a new era. Shimano also launched the celebrated Dura-Ace bike drivetrain at this time. Dura-Ace products are still Shimano’s top-tier product line, updated regularly to keep up with advances in technology. 

Shimano is — and always been — a family business. By staying true to its mission to connect people with nature, Shimano maintains its exceptional reputation for quality and performance.

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